FOUNDATION LEVEL acrylic & gel polish nail class £550


Classes are taught using the KISS methods of teaching, ensuring you get the best possible outcome. We are accredited by Professional Beauty Direct, so upon successful completion of your classes and all the relevant case studies, you’ll be able to purchase insurance to work on the general public.




-Acrylic kit included.

-Small class sizes as standard.

-No experience necessary, suitable for complete beginners!

-Payment plans available, ask your educator for details.

-Modern content, learning bang up-to-date skills, in a relaxed setting.

-Great results and great reviews, from experienced and friendly educators.




-Preparing the natural nail


-Gel polish application

-Tip & overlay

-Salon shapes

-Ombre acrylic

-BasIc glitter & colour designs

-Filing & finishing

-Infills & Rebalance

-Along with all the health, safety, contraindications & all the theory you need.

We don’t offer super fast-track classes using the KISS methods, nor are our classes a guaranteed pass. We will encourage you to put as much work into both the theory and practical as possible, to ensure the best possible results for you and your nail career, that’s the KISS difference!


• KIT •


Your acrylic kit includes everything you need to begin your career including liquid, powder, tips and your brush and tools etc. Only the best products are provided in your kit, along with you manual.




To book, contact your educator direct. You can book your place with a deposit/booking fee, with the option of paying in instalments throughout your classes if you wish. Upon booking, your educator will confirm all the dates and details of your classes and their booking and cancellation policy. They will also let you know anything you need to bring with you, along with any specific guidelines you need to know about.

Please make sure your class is convenient and affordable as your deposit/booking fee is non-refundable & non transferable once booked. This does not affect your statutory rights. Full terms and conditions for all of classes can be found at




You will be taught from day one to be professional in your appearance and hygiene, please wear clean clothing and have covered arms and legs and full shoes etc. Please be considerate to other learners and your educator by attending classes on time and keeping phone use to a minimum. You will need to have naked nails throughout your classes. Depending on current regulations, it may or may not be required for you to fetch models to some classes to work on. Your educator will keep you informed of this.


Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the team if you have any questions!

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