We are looking for educators to add to our amazing team to deliver our KISS nail classes, to support each other and to excel in the private nail training sector.


Whats in it for you?

  • A company devoted to YOU the educator and your students.

  • A modern education programme that is easy and pleasant to deliver, with proven student results.

  • A forward-thinking team that moves with the industry.

  • Well priced professional nail systems to compliment your student learning experience.

  • Full support and consistent and regular training and support.

What in it for your students?


Your student manuals will contain all the basics in terms of KNOWLEDGE, INSPIRATION, SKILLS & SUPPORT, plus more...


  • Full breakdown of the KISS code of practice.

  • Salon shaping and structure.

  • Correcting troublesome nails.

  • Choosing tools, brushes and products.

  • Chemical awareness.

  • A filing routine that works - SIMPLIFIED.

  • Building a career.

  • Social media for beginners.


Alongside lots of other topics to give YOUR students the very best experience.


Would you like offer this level of manual to your students and have the peace of mind that you’re offering modern & thorough techniques?


There will be lots of hoops to jump through, standards will be set and you will HAVE to meet them before we even consider you as part of the KISS team. It’s not about having the biggest team, it’s about having the right skills and personality to not only teach, but teach DAMN GOOD.


Yeah you’ll have to have in IN HAND copy of your pttls/aet.  you will also be expected to produce a portfolio of work before paying a penny to do the educator class.

If you would like to join our education team, progress in the industry and develop your career, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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