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Updated: May 25, 2020

As a long-standing salon tech, educator & brand owner I get a LOT of frequently asked questions. One of the most asked questions is... 'how can I get better?'. Society, especially the nail society has such high standards that its often far too easy to get deflated in our own skills just by looking online & seeing many techs progressing, seemingly, quicker than you. They may have worked doubly hard, have an infinite pot of money for training, they may have been lucky, they may have had the perfect opportunity & ran with it. They may be unbelievably naturally talented, they may be an absolute whizz with social media. Trust me when I say, all this DOES NOT MATTER ONE BIT. Focus on you, and you WILL get there. Confidence is the number one skill ANY nail tech worth their salt needs in abundance. Natural confidence will only happen when you get back to basics, make a plan, hone your craft & go for it.

Throughout my blog posts, you will see a lot of my advice comes down to FOUR CORE ELEMENTS:

- KNOWLEDGE is everything. Research & learn as much as you can.

- INSPIRATION is everywhere. Develop your creativity & your unique style will shine.

- SKILLS Master the basics & the rest will follow, then your CONFIDENCE will bloom.

- SUPPORT Surround yourself with like-minded, creative individuals & you will thrive!

These are the fundamentals, the building blocks in my opinion needed for a great NAIL PROFESSIONAL.

So, as promised are some practical, hands-on tips to help you progress to create AMAZING nails without an infinite amount of money for training.

It is quite simple:

- DON'T keep swapping brands.

- DON'T keep swapping brushes.

- DON'T give up.

- Take advice & direction.

So. Another new range lands, it looks amazing, has cute colours and the packaging is TO DIE FOR. It OBVIOUSLY holds all the answers to your nail problems, right? Wrong! Constantly swapping & changing brands will NOT make you a better tech. If you are having problems with your mix ratio, retention, marbling, breakdown, application etc. then GET BACK TO BASICS. The problems will be there regardless of how many products you try. Use matching liquid to powder, learn your brand mix ratio & practice it over & over & off by heart, until every bead is correct, not just once, twice, or a handful of times, but until it is right ever single time. Do not give up. DO not swap when it gets difficult. If you are unsure of your brands mix ratio, ASK. Knowledge is key.

Find a brush shape & size that compliments your choice of system. Not too big, not too small, just right.

Find the right brush & system for you style & LOVE. IT. HARD.

By asking questions, gaining knowledge, taking advice from experienced techs & fully immersing yourself into the nail world, the possibility of progression is endless.

Lastly, learn to take advice. If you ask about a mix ratio, listen. Simply listen, or watch, or read. Take it in. Take any advice given to you by a reputable & experienced nail professional on board, that kind of advice is priceless. If you get critique on your work, don't get disheartened, take it in, fully embrace it, find your flaws, take the advice & fix them. It is a very liberating experience & the more you learn, correct & adjust, the more your confidence in yourself & your skills will BLOOM.

I hope this has been a little help to you, if it has, don't forget to comment & let me know below. Remember, find your kit & LOVE IT, find your flaws & FIX THEM.

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