A nail techs guide to work/life balance

Updated: May 25, 2020

KISS educator and award winning nail tech, Emma Stanton, shares her tips on finding the holy grail as a busy nail tech, the perfect work/life balance so it all runs smoothly.

Hi, I’m a mum of three, I’m married and run a busy thriving at home nail salon and training academy. Asa busy working mum, in a whirlwind industry, I thought I would take a little time to chat about work/life balance and hopefully it may be helpful to some of you who may be struggling to figure it all out.

It can be crazy busy at times and extremely hard work but we just keep going and pushing our businesses upwards whilst trying our best to juggle family life as well. Always squeezing that one last client in for a nail repair that will only take ten minutes, when in reality we both know by the time you have made them a quick coffee and got started those ten minutes have already gone!

Then you have the clients that arrive late I’m not talking about clients that as a rule are bang on time I’m talking the clients that are never on time, the ones that got stuck in traffic whilst nipping quickly into McDonalds to grab a cheeseburger on the way to you clients that continuously do this. Now as nail techs we are generally kind hearted, considerate and passionate people we have to be, part of our job of course is not just the nails but we also lend a listening ear to many of clients. So time and time again we let it go and pray that next time they are on time, that ten or fifteen minutes eats into the rest of our day meaning we will skip lunch because your next client is arriving, some days its been that bad you have worked ten hours straight and not had so much as that emergency chocolate bar you stashed in your top draw and missed putting the children to bed. Sound familiar? What if I told you that you can work hard, eat lunch, put the children to bed and just generally be more organised, relaxed and enjoy working life again.

Here’s just a few tips that I’ve tried and tested, not only to gain control back over your working life but to also still enjoy that family time we all long for.

Firstly be strong yep that’s it be strong! When you hear your phone ping at 10pm asking for your next appointment or asking you can they have this design at their next appointment, be strong, don’t answer that message this is your time, you have closed for the day this includes picking up messages. Most social platforms have an automated message response available so you can take comfort in knowing that you’ve not just ignored them. If you haven’t got this set up yet do it.

Secondly timings, we all have timings for how long a nail appointment takes whether it’s an infill of a full design set but do you factor in the length of time it will take you to clean in between clients, when they arrive making them a coffee or that casual I just need to nip to the loo? This all adds up and if you don’t add it on it will most certainly eat into the rest of your day. I always add on 15 minutes to every appointment this allows enough time to do all of the above and not run into any other appointment.

This brings me to my next tip organisation, be organised schedule your day out im not just talking about your clients I’m talking your whole day! Yep that’s right from the moment you get up to the time you go to bed , seems a bit much right? Wrong being unorganised is the best way to run yourself ragged, feel like you never have enough time to do anything and by being unorganised your career, family life and health will likely suffer. I know we cant organise every part of our lives but the essentials like taking a break, doing our taxes, going to a school play schedule it in.

Lastly if you haven’t got a booking system in place then consider getting one, not only will your clients be able to book themselves in freeing up that much needed time but a good booking system will have an area you can keep all your data for your taxes freeing up yet again even more time. I use a booking system that works great for me. Feel free to ask any questions and always do your own research for a system that suits you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope it helps you find a little more work/life balance and remember your time is precious use it wisely and thrive in everything you do.

Keep smiling and I’ll catch you all soon for some more top tricks and tips, Emma x

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