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Updated: May 25, 2020

Some wise words of advice to gain new clients from salon owner and KISS educator Tracy Windle.

I have been a beauty therapist for 30 years now, but my passion in the industry has always been nails. I love the ever changing nail industry, I can literally spend hours looking at nail techs pics on social media, saving pics for inspiration to try out and put my own twist on. I never get bored of learning new techniques, and the feeling of achievement once I have completed a course is fantastic! So this leads me into my advice for anyone who needs a helping hand on how to gain clients.


Your journey as a nail tech will be a very rewarding experience, you will have good nail days and bad nail days. (don’t worry we all have them).

Accredited, reputable and recommended courses are a must to enable you to get your insurance as a nail tech and to have the confidence in your skills.

Once you have decided on the courses you are planning on doing, get inspired by watching video on, subscribe to Rachael Wilders, it is a great starting point, she won’t fail to inspire you.

Pinterest is a great platform too and is driven by visuals, you can search by colour tone, different styles and even nails with cartoon characters.

Instagram is a great source of inspiration for both nail designs and business building in general. A simple search on a hashtag displays millions of creative nail art designs below is a link to my Instagram (please have a nosy and let me know what you think).

Facebook groups and pages are a great source of free videos and inspiration and advice.

So you have done the courses, and you are raring to go right?!


Firstly post all over your social media your amazing pics from the course, you have created and don’t forget your amazing certificate! Pop a post on their asking for models, generate interest, ask questiona, aim for comments and interaction. Get as much practice in as you can on all your friends and family, ask friends to share all your posts and build up your social media platforms. It doesn’t cost them a penny to share, takes seconds of their time and really does help you boost your business.

Your very first real life client will be very daunting, try to remain confident, as in return your client will have confidence in you too. Don’t forget be very vocal to clients about future courses you are planning on doing to get them as excited as you will be about creating amazing design sets for them, create a buzz, it’s infectious! This all helps to encourage them to keep returning to you and promoting you on your fantastic nail journey.

A few other ways to help build up a client base are:

  • Loyalty cards

  • Refer a friend discount cards

  • Discount voucher on future appointments

Remember to always ask them to leave you a fabulous review and recommendation if they are happy with their service.

Thankyou so much for reading my blog and I hope your nail career will be very rewarding and exciting. Much love Tracy x

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