My top ten nail items!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Below is a list of ten of ‘my can’t live without‘ nail products. It’s pretty evenly spread between my own product line and must have nail goodies from other brands! I’ve featured my own product line not to be a salesperson or a show off, I’ve simply cherry picked my must-haves from my own line as I truly believe they’re top quality and make my work easier and a lot more enjoyable! Disclaimer: any of the products mentioned that aren’t my own, I am recommending purely because I love them and I’m not paid to recommend them in any way.

  1. Gloss from my own product line. It’s one of the first products I stocked and it’s been a bestseller ever since. It’s megawatt shiny, tack free and can be used on absolutely any system, hard or flexible. The key to long lasting shine from ANY top coat? Let it cool completely from the lamp before applying any oils or creams.

  2. Red Iguana silicone practice hand. I have two now. I’ve tried every hand on the market and these hands tick every box! They’re good quality, clean cuticles, have a tip slide area and photograph really well.

  3. Madrid colour powder from my own product line. Out of all the colour powders we stock, you’d think I would find it really hard to choose just one, but no, Madrid is my go to accent colour. It’s a lovely coppery bronze and truly will add depth to absolutely any colour palette.

  4. Daylight Company Lumi Lamp. I am obsessed with lighting for photos but sometimes they’re too intense to work under. This lamp is perfect for working with AND for taking photos. A quality bit of kit.

  5. My own art gels. I’ve been testing a variety of art gels for quite some time from different suppliers and I’ve finally found ‘the ones’. Launching soon, so keep an eye on my social media, you’ll love them.

  6. Honeycomb Core Powder from my own product line. My perfect go to cover nude.

  7. Born pretty pigments and flakes. I love the born pretty pigments they’re really good quality, so versatile and great value.

  8. Point tips from my own product line. I’m no sculpting snob, I love both sculpts and tips equally and for quick and easy salon shapes, my point tips are thin, flexible and easy to shape.

  9. My ‘Bettie style’ acrylic brush. Simply the best brush I’ve every used for acrylic application and especially for precedes clean cuticle lines.

  10. Moyou London stamping plates and polishes. Quick easy and simple nail art and this brand is consistent from product to product.

Thanks for reading and if you have some amazing products you think I should take a look at, let me know.

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