Step by step for a diamond ombré gel design

Hi Emma Stanton here, I’m your KISS educator for Norfolk. Here is a step by step for a beautiful and effective gel polish design, please give it a whirl and tag us in your creations. Have fun!

For this design you will need:

  • tips

  • display stand and blue tack

  • palette

  • gel polishes

  • matte or velvet top coat

  • Detail brush

First you’re going to prep your tips, by taking the shine off and smoothing all the edges, then blue tack to a display stand. Paint the nail white, using a highly pigmented gel polish, in one or two coats as needed. Cure this to the manufacturers instructions.

Choose your desired colour and decanter it out onto your palette make sure you have enough of this colour as once it comes to mixing you wont be able to mix the same shade twice.

Place a dot at the centre of your nail this will give you the perfect guide to keep your design central.

Create a half diamond shape from the centre of your dot this will be the start of your first row.

Fill your first row with the half diamonds keeping your diamonds as even as possible this will help keep your whole design central.

Decant a small amount of your white gel polish onto your palette.

Using your brush scoop up some white gel polish and place it into your original pink.

Mix the two colours together, you might not notice much of a colour difference initially but dont be tempted to add more white just yet!

With this colour create your second row. This row is a full diamond shape. Cure each row as you go.

Scoop up some more white and mix well again, as before.

Use this colour to now create your third row of diamonds. Cure. Now you can start to see your design coming together. Keep each row as neat and even as you can this will help really make your design pop!

Again, mix some more white into the pink. Each time you do this you make your colour a shade lighter giving you the gradient/ombré effect.

Continue to create your rows of diamonds. Cure each section as you go. Depending on the length of nail your working on will depend on how many rows you require. Be careful to keep the diamond size the same throughout your design.

Finish your rows. You should be at a white shade or almost, by the time you reach the end, depending on the size of the nail.

Top coat your design. I like to finish these stypes of designs off with velvet matte, but it would look equally amazing in a glossy finish. I hope you enjoyed this step by step and I cant wait to see your recreations! Emma x

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