Step by step for a gingham gel design

Hey hey and thanks for taking the time to have a nosy at my blog. Here’s the first of my step by step tutorials. We all love a video, but sometimes a set of pictures for a guide is just enough, isn’t it!?

For this design you will need:

  • tips

  • lint roller

  • display stand and blue tack

  • scissors

  • tweezers

  • palette

  • a makeup sponge

  • buffer

  • gel polishes

  • matte or velvet top coat

  • wider striping tape

  • white gel paint

First you’re going to prep your tips, by taking the shine off and smoothing all the edges, then blue tack to the display stand. Then do a coat of gel polish in a bold colour and cure. Do a second coat and cure if you need to. Don’t wipe, just leave them as they are.

I did ten different tips as I wanted the impact of a lot of C O L O U R for my finished look. But try one nail first, as the technique can be a little tricky to start with.

Next, apply your striping tape diagonally across the nail, three pieces, spaced out as similar as possible to each other. You ideally want the cheapest thin 2mm striping tape, don’t go buying anything special if you already have some. Alternatively you can use 2mm micropore style tape. Apply to your tips, trim the excess, and press down firmly.

I actually thought this looked quite cool, with the holo tape over the colours. If thick striping tape wasn’t such a pain to stay stuck down, I would maybe consider using this in a design!

Once the stripes are pressed down firmly, repeat for all the nails. Then take your palette, decant some gel paint (I’m using my own gel paint, soon to be released, but any good quality gel paint will do, something really pigmented. Gel polish doesn’t really cut the mustard with sponging I am afraid, as you’re sponging so thinly, it tends to just disappear) and get a sponge out ready. You want a good quality sponge with no little holes or bubbles. Prep your sponge by running it over with your lint roller to get rid of pesky fluffy bits.

Load your sponge up with gel paint and then dab aaaaalllllll the excess off leaving just a small amount on your sponge. Dab the gel paint onto the nail, covering everywhere. Play around with this bit on your first attempt, as the pressure will vary the finish and you’ll very quickly find the right pressure to give a smooth finish.

Cure for the required amount of time. Carefully remove the tape. Make sure you get rid of any scraps of striping tape with tweezers.

At this point you have a fun and very cute candy stripe design. I could have quite happily left them like this with a gorgeous shiny top coat! I definitely want this candy stripe style to feature in a future set, it would look GORGEOUS as a base for some one stroke, what do you think?

See, I told you the candy stripes were cute! Now we are going to repeat the tape on the nail, going the opposite way. So space your tape out evenly, cut off the excess and press down firmly.

Repeat the same sponging technique as before, sponging and blending until you are happy with the finish. Cure in the lamp for the required amount of time. Once cured, carefully peel the tape off and make sure to remove any stray bits with tweezers.

Once done, top coat with your matte or velvet top coat and cure for the required amount of time and you’re finished. A fun, fiddly but very enjoyable and effective gingham design!

Don‘t forget to tag me in your recreations and let me know what you think to the design.

Rachael xoxo

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