Step by step for a neon pigment gel design

HEmma Stanton here, I’m your KISS educator for Norfolk. Here is another step by step for you to try, for a striking and simple gel polish design, please give it a whirl and tag us in your creations.

This design is perfect for quick salon design that gives you some neon summer festival vibes which right now we all need a bit of!

Have fun!

For this design you will need:

  • tips

  • display stand and blue tack

  • palette

  • gel polishes in black and white

  • velvet matte top coat

  • shiny top coat

  • detail brush

  • selection of sharpies

  • nail cleanser or sanitiser

  • a selection of neon pigments

  • pigment brush

  • fluffy brush

  • a cotton bud

First you’re going to prep your tips, by taking the shine off and smoothing all the edges, then blue tack to a display stand. Apply two coats of black gel polish curing each layer. I am using 2am gel Polish here, in ‘Widowed’, the coverage is amazing. Cure this to the manufacturers instructions.

Apply your matte top coat and cure. Ooooooh there's something rather special about a black matte nail that gives me chills it always looks so satisfying.

Place some white gel polish on to your pallet.

With your detail brush pick up some white gel polish and create a wishbone shape with your point, pointing towards the centre, this is going to be our guide. You can flash cure each line for 10 seconds if you are worried it will move.

Follow that line to create a centre to our wishbone shape.

Repeat this next to your first wishbone taking your point slightly high and just above the first one.

Repeat this next to your first wishbone taking your point slightly high and just above the first one. This time we are going to the other side creating a wide wider wish bone shape, this one looks more like the start of a fish. Keeping our point still towards the centre but in-between our last two points.

Again follow the shape to create the centre of this wishbone, I added an extra one here as its a lot wider.

Now create your last wish bone shape this time coming right above your points this will really enhance that zebra effect.

Create your centre lines and fully cure in the lamp.

You'll need a selection of neon pigments, im using purple, pink, orange, green and yellow and you'll need a pigment brush like pictured.

My favourite bit is getting the pigments on the nail. It's sooooooooo satisfying. With your pigment brush pick up a small amount of pigment and pat it into that tacky gel polish.

Repeat this with the pink slightly overlapping your purple thos will give you a subtle ombre in-between colours.

Same again with the orange.

Next, the green.

Then finish with the yellow, how good does this look now!

Take your fluffy brush and brush away excess pigment.

Using your cotton bud, run it in-between your colours on the black parts to remove more excess pigment. If you have really stubborn pigments you can use a little bit of nail cleanser/sanitiser to dampen your cotton bud but be careful not to go over your colour as this will take the pigment off completely.

Apply your shiny top coat and cure.

You now have some seriously festival worthy nails and the technique can be used to create countless designs!

Oooooo I'm getting summer vibes right now.

I hope you enjoy this step by step much love Emm xx

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