Step by step for a rainbow rose gel design

H Emma Stanton here, I’m your KISS educator for Norfolk. Here is another step by step for you to try, for a striking and simple gel polish design, please give it a whirl and tag us in your creations. Have fun!

For this design you will need:

  • tips

  • display stand and blue tack

  • palette

  • gel polishes in black and white

  • matte top coat

  • shiny top coat

  • detail brush

  • selection of sharpies

  • acetone or isopropyl alcohol

First you’re going to prep your tips, by taking the shine off and smoothing all the edges, then blue tack to a display stand. Rainbow roses look ace on a black background, so give your nail two coats of gel polish, I am using 2am gel Polish here, in ‘Widowed’, the coverage is amazing. Cure this to the manufacturers instructions.

Place some white gel polish on a palette, you only need a little bit. This is a super quick and easy salon design so going to be a perfect to wow your clients, for when we are back open.

Using your detail brush take a small bit if white gel polish and place a dot in the centre of your nail. Don’t cure. This is going to be the middle of our rose.

From that dot create a comma shape with a bit more of a tail. After each petal flash cure it in your lamp for 10 seconds, this will drop it sliding round.

Create a C shape next to your swirl, try not to let your white shapes touch each other. Don’t flash cure this.

With the excess white you have on your brush, blend it out slightly following that C shape. Don't worry if your C is wobbly petals arent perfect and it will add to the effect. Once your happy you can flash cure that.

Continue creating your petals round the centre overlapping as you go. If you are struggling with the placement of your petals pop an ever faithful dot at the centre of your next petal.

Continue building up your petals until your nail is full. Then pop it in your lamp and cure for the full time. We could leave it like this but we want rainbows!

Next, matte top coat the nail and fully cure.

This is the magical bit! Take your brightest sharpies. Here I am using neon pink, yellow, blue and purple, but any bright colours will look fab. I try to keep the colours fairly even, so I'm drawing it on in three places with each colour.

I used purple and yellow. It will honestly look like a three year old has had a party, but it all works out in the end.

Finally, I add the blue. Try and keep your colours spaced out, so the dark colours aren’t all together.

Take and old brush, then, using some acetone or isopropyl alcohol, dip your brush into it, wiping the excess liquid off a little on a pad. Then you can start dispersing your colours. I like to start from the centre and work my way out.

Keep dispersing your colours until your happy with how it is looking.

Wait for the alcohol to evaporate. Once the nail looks completely dry, finish it with your shiny top coat and cure.

With a small detail brush, take a little bit of white gel polish and outline each petal. Dont cure it just yet...

Now I’m going to sugar the lines I have just created, that’s why I didn’t cure it. I used a clear acrylic mixed with a little shimmer to sugar my outline, but you can use a super fine glitter as an alternative. Sprinkle your whole nail with sparkly goodness, then leave it a few seconds so the gel polish can absorb it.

Tap off the excess powder and then double cure in the lamp.

Give it a dust off with a fluffy brush and voilà! you have a rainbow rose!

I hope you enjoyed this one, I am in love with it. I cant wait to see your designs. Emma x

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