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Updated: May 25, 2020

Jodie Whitehead, owner of Sheffield Beauty Academy, and educator for KISS and The Gel Bottle shares her insights on life post-coronavirus.

We are in uncharted territory. never in my 20 year career have I experienced anything like the current circumstances. For the first 3-4 weeks of lock-down I did like many of you will have, I cried, ate way to much, adopted the brace position and resorted to laying in bed re-watching the entire series of friends. I have no miracle cure or a rewind button to offer, what I do have is my story step-by-step, day-by-day, plan to come out of this like superwoman on Valium.

On a ESSENTIAL shopping trip I picked up a new notebook and pen, it’s where all my best plans and ventures start.

This unexpected spare time is the perfect time to REFLECT. I questioned myself what I loved and what I loathed about my job. This is how I created my plan……..


I don’t want to work so many hours, I need a better work life balance. I discovered that when I’m not stressed, over tired and running around like a headless chicken that I actually enjoy my home life and family. My 40+ hours week will be 25 max. Worried you will lose money???


If I charged my worth I discovered I could work less hours and earn the same amount. I’m not going to double my prices or anything crazy but I’m going to price my service based on the fact I use premium products for all of my services. I'm a conscientious nail tech with high standards, I ensure correct prep, a safe service in a clean environment. This service comes at a higher premium than back street Betty with her ebay nail kit who has you in and out in ten minutes because she skips half the steps.


It’s absolutely amazing the amount of free information and training available right now. Health and Safety has always been extremely important but maybe you don’t always fully understand the reason we do the processes we do. Now is the time to get clued up, understand and research so that clients can have confidence in us and our service.

Below is a link to a free health and safety online training workshop that we recommend as a team to all our students. It can help you increase your knowledge, get covid-19 certified and help you create a risk assessment plan for your business making it easy peasey. There are loads of free ones about online if you do a little research, the Barbicide one linked below is great to get you started.


I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of industry professionals who have been generous enough to open their worlds to us, share their skills and provide online training for FREE. This is an unbelievable opportunity for you to up skill, learn new techniques and expand your skills. As well as providing live online workshops myself I have also made a time table for myself of courses available by other pros and put them in my daily diary to complete. I will most definitely be emerging from this chaos more experienced, more creative and more confident... make sure you do the same.


I will be making every appointment count when I return to providing treatments. Providing thorough aftercare, whether that be a leaflet, an email, a text message to guide your clients on the best way to care for their precious nails that they have waited so long to have. Also get prepared with some aftercare retail products they can purchase from you. I’ll be armed with essential hand creams and oils that they can purchase. This can add a profit of £4-£5 onto every service... this can soon add up!


Let all of you clients know that payments will need to be made contactless from now on. You could use a paypal account, direct bank transfer or contactless card machine. If you don't have a card machine then now is the time to get yourself one. You can pick them up online for about £20 with some really low transaction fees.

So I see this as an opportunity, to relaunch myself and my business, working smarter and not harder. I’ll be easing myself and staff into returning to work, allowing a little more time in between clients. I’ll also be facing the big challenge of having to wear a bra again... or is that just me???

Let's make sure our ducks are in row so that we can hit the ground running….TOGETHER x

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