The ultimate nail tech guide to surviving busy periods!

Updated: May 25


I’m Sammy, I have been a nail technician for three years now and very recently I’ve joined the amazing Rachael Wilders education team.

This is my thoughts and tips for the ‘ultimate survival guide for busy periods’.

I feel this subject is so relevant right now, so many of us will have clients desperate to be the first in once we can safely reopen. I normally find there are four main busy periods in the year; Christmas, prom/wedding, summer and if you go away or have time off it’s normally pretty busy when you return.

When I first entered these busy periods I found it so difficult to look after myself while keep all my regular clients happy, along with the ones who only have appointments a few times a year or aren’t able to get in with their current tech.

There has been a few ways I’ve learnt to keep clients happy whilst putting my well-being first which id love to share with you all.

Firstly while you may be tempted to work every hour possible, remember not to burn yourself out, by burning yourself out you won’t stay at the top of your game! So if working extra hours to fit all of those clients in, don’t over do it. Once you’ve chosen to either add a few extra hours in or not, stick to this! It’s easy to add one more client in, but then another and so on, it will quickly mount up and you’ll find yourself over worked and exhausted. Be strict, if you’re fully booked than you’re fully booked, no ifs no buts. Your well-being is far more important then Sandra down the roads chipped nail!

Secondly, you still need to eat/drink and wee, allow yourself time to do this throughout your day. I don’t know about anyone else but dehydration gives me massive headaches, keep a big bottle of water next to you and drink it!

I also find keeping my workspace clean and tidy helps, I always no where everything is, that way there’s no fannying around look for things.

Lastly and this one is SO much easier said than done, try to keep work and home life separate, reply to messages within work times (maybe even set an automated response stating this to clients), your time at home is not for working, keep a work/life balance.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first ever blog! I hope this helps at least one person during the inevitable busy time’s ahead!

Sammy 💕


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