Multi Art gels 8ml. 

34 beautifully pigmented colours to choose from!

Introducing our BRAND NEW Multi Art Gel... your new favourite go-to product to:

Perfectly pigmented and creamy, these art gels have been designed to be a truly versatile product, to create the most intricate detailing and the most flawless blends. A little really does go a long way. As the pigment is such good quality, you need the thinnest coats and smallest amounts! 

Directions for use:

• Keep your layers super thin, they’re extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way.
• Working cute times vary; depending on your lamp and technique.
•As a guide I flash cure 30 seconds when painting and creating, then always give a full two minute cure to finish, when you’ve completed your design. • Tacky finish, so you can layer up and blend!
• Not recommended for use on the natural nail, please use as an art gel for surface design.
• Whilst we have taken the picture in good light, please note different screen resolutions may show a difference in shade. 

Multi Art Gel 8ml - 04 Sassy


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