Introducing ‘The Nail Window’.

The brand new revolutionary nail gadget you didn’t even know you needed! 

* Do you need help creating unique designs?
* Is finding inspiration from nature or clothing difficult for example? 
* Is perspective an issue? Struggling to fit it all onto a nail? 
* Can’t quite get the crazy nail ideas in your  head to translate to a design that flows?

You need The Nail Window! 

I have created this little genius bit of kit for all of us techs who sometimes can’t quite nail that design. Simply use it as a visual guide by placing the window over scenery, fabric, a picture, characters, your phone screen, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING you want to use as a design, and you can instantly visualise the perspective and placement. The middle point markers also make it super easy to balance the nail. 

Each set contains six popular nail shapes, so there will be no stopping you creating unique nail that flow and have perfect layout. Turn any view into a nail design! 

Only £12.95.

Please tag me and use #thenailwindow to show me how it’s helped you to create! 

This truly is my nail baby...

Rachael xoxo

The Nail Window


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