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Rachael wilders

Kezzll acrylic powder

Kezzll acrylic powder

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Our colour & glitter acrylic powders are beautifully blended high quality powders. 


- Approximately 28g in each jar. 

- Excellent adhesive properties.

- The colours stay true appointment to appointment making them perfect for salon use. 

- Made in the UK.

- Also blended for mixed media use!

- Strength powders.

- Pro-only purchasing.

- With over 90 colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your favourites!


They are complimented by our Rachael Wilders liquid monomer for best results.  All of our powders are designed to be strength powders, however we recommended encapsulation in our Clear Candy clear acrylic powder when creating designs for best results. 


Please note: Whilst ever effort has been made to capture the true colour of the product, the colour shade pictured may vary depending on your screen. Shake or mix well before every use. 

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