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Rachael wilders

The ManiCloud arm & wrist cushion

The ManiCloud arm & wrist cushion

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Introducing The ManiCloud!

We are excited to launch our newest product, The ManiCloud, designed to revolutionize your nail desk setup and provide extra comfort for your clients during nail treatments. Say goodbye to traditional, uncomfortable supports, and say hello to the ultimate nail care companion!

Available in two stylish colours to suit your nail desk, white or cream.

Unparalleled Comfort! It is soft, squishy, and incredibly comfortable. It also has the added benefit of supporting your clients comfortably in the right working position for you to to your job efficiently. 

Perfect for Any Nail Desk. Whether you're in a nail salon, a freelance nail artist, in a spa, The ManiCloud is the ideal addition to your workspace. Its compact and versatile design fits perfectly on any nail desk, providing the comfort and support your clients deserve.

Why choose The ManiCloud?

✔️Optimal client positioning.

✔️ Soft and squishy material for unmatched comfort.

✔️ Stylish colours.

✔️Compact and easy to use on any nail desk.

✔️ Easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. 

Important information:

One ManiCloud supplied. 

Size: Approx 23cm wide, 15cm deep, 17cm high.

Care instructions: Do not submerge in water. wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh detergents. We recommend still using a towel over to avoid marks and stains. This is NOT ACETONE OR SOLVENT RESISTANT, so please be careful using those products near it. Keep away from naked flames. 


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