Hey hey! All throughout the website you will find out about the KISS education programme and the products. This section is about yours truly, so if you decide to come and learn with me, you can find out a little about me first.  I have been a salon nail tech for over 12 years until 2019, when I decided (after 18 months of deliberation) to persue a career in education and leave salon life behind me. I loved salon life, clients and nails were and always will be, my passion and my life. Being a nail tech isn't  a job, it is totally a lifestyle! I have been a private nail educator for six years, first teaching for a well known international nail brand and then privately under my own name. After all these years of developing techniques for students and helping techs launch and grow their careers in the industry, I realised giving confidence and skills to nail techs was where my heart lied, and teaching full time was my future. I now teach full time from my beautiful academy in Yorkshire, both to small group classes and on a 121 basis.  I have developed techniques that are unique to the KISS programme over the years and I am unbelievably proud of its results so far. 

I teach classes following the KISS method. KNOWLEDGE first, giving new and experienced techs of any level the knowledge and theory needed to offer modern and up-to-date nail services. Secondly INSPIRATION. Inspiration is everywhere and I promise to inspire you and encourage you throughout your nail journey. Third is giving you the basics and the fundamental SKILLS you need to complement the knowledge and create amazing nails. Last but not least, you will get ongoing SUPPORT. 

I am a passionate nail competitor, with a few awards under my belt, I adore competing and the confidence it gives me, whatever the result. I have developed and encouraged a competing team of around 20 nail techs of varying levels of experience and some of those competitors have placed in national competitions also! Find out more about my competing team, here. So why am I telling you all of this? Purely so when you are choosing your educator, you have a cast-iron guarantee from me personally that myself and all the team are 100% committed to our students.

Current classes I offer:

  • Manicure and gel polish

  • Foundation acrylic

  • Acrylic skills

  • Efile

  • Acrylic design

  • Smile line masterclasses

  • Gel polish design

  • Acrylic design

  • Character nail art

  • Baroque swirls nail art

  • One stroke nail art

  • Watercolour nail art

  • 3d and 4d acrylic and plastiline

  • Seasonal workshops

  • Advanced shapes... and many more on the way!


See below how to get in touch with me direct, my social medial links, client and student reviews, my upcoming events and examples of my work.

Class tbc £85

Class tbc £85

Class tbc £85

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