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Welcome to Rachael Wilders professional nail products - where your nail services are priority number one! Here at Rachael Wilders HQ we believe in more than just flawless nails; we believe in YOU! We only sell tried and tested products, with an ever growing range, led by our amazing nail family. Dive into a world of professional nail products designed with love, because our customers aren't just important, they're our inspiration!

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My education programme was developed to offer the best standard of private nail tuition possible. I have combined the most up-to-date theory that go over and above national standards, with exceptional practical training. After years of indusrety experience, we have developed classes that give you exactly what you need, RESULTS & CONFIDENCE. It’s now time to build your DREAM NAIL CAREER!

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  • Build your confidence

    If you’re not confident in your skills, business or anything in between, we can help. Our classes are designed to give you the best contact and above all, our educator are chosen to give you bags of mojo and confidence. Get in touched so WE can help YOU with your tailored training plan!

  • Perfect for beginners

    Our foundation classes have been developed over years to give you the very best and most modern private education you can get. Our classes are accredited with Professional Beauty Direct, allowing you to purchase insurance upon completion of the class and all theory and practical assignments.

  • Advance to the top

    Our educators are at the top of their game with industry trends to bring you the very best in modern education. Take a look through our education section to find a class to capture your imagination, or get in touch with one of our educators to chat about the best next step for your career. 

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